Nick and I spend the last day of January at the Nikon School in London. It was our first visit to the Nikon School for the Art of Stylish Urban Weddings course... A great opportunity to refresh some forgotten skills and learn some new ones particularly using speed lights off camera. It was also a really good opportunity to practice turning fairly average locations into some nice images - a source of inspiration I feel we may need to fall back on at some point.

The school didn't disappoint, they have a great set up and it gave us an opportunity to use some gear we have been thinking about purchasing - I guess it's enevitable that you come away wanting to buy more shiney new gear! Also a nice opportunity to learn a bit more about getting the best from the D810.....It must be an ok choice the Nikon Pro Instructor chooses the same camera!

I was particularly impressed to spot some photographs of a Military flavour with  a number of Royal Navy Photographers being showcased in the corridor leading into the school.  Not a bad achievement to have images pinned up next to ones that have featured in National Geographic.

There were 6 of us for the day and it was a great opportunity to meet some other photographers and share experiences. Also really interesting to see how oher people can capture different things from the same subject. A small sample of my photos are below. I think we can safely say, we will be back for more!

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